PENNINGTONS PATTERNS was developed from an idea of purpose. A purpose driven by creating a form of visual expression that combines the complexities of our day to day life with with the individuality and independence shown through art and daily attire. This expression has evolved from a simple love of shapes, designs, and patterns seen in everyday surroundings into a true understanding of emotion expression through the creation of abstract art and clothing patterns.


"I came to realize that my art was a direct reflection of my emotion. In the beginning stage of each piece, my process is to follow the design which develops on its own. No colors, just lines and shapes. As the image emerges it intensifies until it become the final design. It is through this process that I have come to realize that it is true that life imitates art and art is an interpretation of life. Through the reflection of this art, that I have come to understand a meaning in this life. It wasn't until I had made this connection that I began to realize that my artwork, not only told a story, but has proven, for me, the connection between subconscious awareness and a higher consciousness."


"My emotions fuel each stroke of every design."


The 'Chained' design represents an idea of "breaking away" from whatever may be holding you. 
The 'Enclosure' design represents a feeling of being confined and the measures taken to be free. 
'Extended Family' represent the diverse dynamics of family and friends in our everyday life and the emotions that accompany them.


Through the creation of art designs and clothing patterns, a form of expression has emerged that I now wish to share with the public...
Whatever your heritage, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, or political affiliation. PENNINGTONS PATTERNS has something for everyone. Self-expression through attire has always been in our nature as individuals. Now welcome the a new world of expression...


"It is only through self-reflection and our personal evaluation of our own life's experiences, as well as taking accountability for our decisions and and actions taken,  that we can hope to improve ourselves and hopefully evolve and become better individuals in this life. It is up to each of us as individuals to discern which direction that we wish for our lives to take, and how we should treat others along the way."


PENNINGTONS PATTERNS comes from a place of hope. A hope that we can all realize our own purpose in this life and have a positive influence on our environment as a whole and the world in which we live.